The facade of the buildings is made of materials like bricks, stone, concrete, etc. These materials gradually may experience

Local Law 11 work

Aarco Local Law 11 Facade Project 255 Broome St Manhattan.

deterioration due to substandard construction, dampness, or other circumstances causing building integrity to degrade. Both Local Law 11 now known as (FISP) and its predecessor Local Law 10 came to enactment to ensure public safety from falling debris. Therefore, the property owners are responsible for maintaining and repairing the building façade(s).
Facade Inspection Safety Program (FISP) is the new name given to previously known as Local Law 11 by NYC Department Of Building.


Under the New York City’s ordinance known as Local Law 11 or (FISP), all buildings greater than six stories above basement requires a facade inspection every five years by a licensed engineer or architect. The building must certify as safe by the licensed inspector or If there any serious deficiencies discovered facade restoration work must take place to correct any defects and building then is given a second inspection to check facades.


Like many regulations & laws are prompted by tragedy so were Local Law 10 and Local Law 11. Shortly after the death of Barnard College student in May 1979 caused by a piece of terra-cotta that fell from a building, Local Law 10 was introduced and signed into law in 1980 by then-Mayor of New York City Ed Koch. Unfortunately, accidents did not stop, and over time there were more unfortunate incidents. In efforts to significantly minimise the chances of accidents happening again, The New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) introduced tightened local law 11 which came to enactment in 1998.


Unlike in local law 10, the FISP requires inspection of all facades of the building and physical inspection must be done using scaffold or a moving platform. Please visit this link to find out more information on when to file for an inspection.


There are typically two types of violations as follow:
1. Failing to file for local law 11 report.
2. The facade of the building documented as unsafe.
In the case of not filing a local law 11 report, the DOB will eventually issue violation which will include monthly fine penalties and court hearing at Environmental Control Board (ECB). The violations will continue till adequate Local Law 11 report is filed.
The penalties are more severe if the building facade declared as unsafe.


Aarco Contracting have completed many Local Law 11 related facade restoration projects successfully all over New York City including Manhattan. Our team consist of licensed, certified architect and engineer. We provide complete services including sidewalk shed and scaffolding. Our construction managers work diligently and are fully equipped to deal with any additional building problems that may come to attention during inspection,

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