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Combining innovative and time-tested products with experience, we provide reliable waterproofing solutions


Aarco Contracting originally founded as a waterproofing company in New York City over 2 decades ago. Over the years we grew and specialized in other fields of construction trades, therefore, making waterproofing buildings our oldest trade.

While we can’t live without water, we can live without its damaging effects on the structure of the property. With the unpredictability of weather, we at AARCO make it our mission to cater to home and business owners like you, so that you can protect your investments from the highly expensive and destructive effects of water damage.

Since soil composition, ground layout and building structures all contribute to the water sealing procedure, it is not a job you can entrust to anyone. Our practised experienced team uses the most recent technology available and our knowledge on water resistance is second to none.

Our company’s quality workmanship has been proven in many situations throughout New York where the water damage is a constant problem. We are Fully Licensed & Insured to operate in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Suffolk & Nassau County also In New Jersey.

Basement Waterproofing

There are many reasons which can cause a water leakage to the basements no matter what the materials of the building maybe. After dealing with thousands of wet basement problems all over New York our team of engineers and experts have seen it all and at Aarco Contracting we appreciate just how damaging a basement water problem can be to your property. Our team of experts inspect the building to find the root of the problem and provide the best permanent solutions.

Facade (Exterior) Waterproofing

Building facades are prone to water damage if not properly maintained. Many different factors like weather conditions, substandard construction etc can contribute to water damage in the exterior of buildings. Our team of experts have the latest technology and expertise to quickly diagnose and solve water intrusion problems. Our proven record of accomplishments which include over 30 facades waterproofing projects just in Manhattan area speaks for themselves.

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  • Brick pointing

  • Basement and foundation walls waterproofing

  • Window and window lintel replacement

  • Window caulking

  • Leak Investigation

  • Balconies

  • Parapet walls

  • Bulkhead waterproofing

  • French drain and sump pump installations

  • Local law 11

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